Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Oceanfront Property in South Florida

Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Oceanfront Property in South Florida

Owning an oceanfront property in South Florida for some is a dream, and for others a reality. Having the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of the crashing waves and the views of the gorgeous sunsets is a dream come true for anyone!

But, while breathing in the salty air is enjoyable, it can also wreak havoc on your property! Although the salty air can be harsh on your home, with proper inspections and maintenance, you can keep your investment in pristine condition!

Here are the Top 3 Maintenance Tips From Our Professional Engineers for Oceanfront Property in South Florida:

1. Waterproofing Exterior Walls

A building or structure, especial oceanfront, needs waterproofing as concrete will not be watertight on its own. It might take years for you to see any sign of moisture infiltration, but the results can be structurally devastating and expensive to repair.

For masonry construction, openings for windows and doors are subject to water infiltration. Windows and doors are usually intentionally installed with a gap between the frame and the wall to keep incompatible materials separate. For example, aluminum can corrode due to contact with cement-based materials, such as stucco. These openings are then filled with a high-quality silicone sealant and a second sealant joint, the “beauty bead,” is installed to finish the waterproofing.

2. Window Maintenance

Our next, very important maintenance item is the windows. Vinyl and aluminum can be used for window frames, to be more anti-corrosive. Higher thickness and shatter-proof glass is also recommended for ocean-facing windows that are susceptible to high winds.

To remove salt particles that accumulate on your windows, clean them at least twice a month and use fresh water to rinse. In fact, cleaning all the exterior surfaces of your home frequently can loosen the salty residue that eats away at the surfaces.

3. Exterior Paint and Caulking

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Lastly, but just as important, exterior paint and caulking! Wall finishes with painted surfaces are more likely to peel from the salt and moist air. You will want to inspect them every 4-6 months.

You should Inspect the paint, caulking and fill any cracks, caulk edges and repaint where necessary. Be sure to use weatherproof paints and finishes on the property’s exterior so that the effects of environmental damage will be minimized as best as possible.

It is important to understand how to apply a preventative maintenance plan to ensure the longevity of your beautiful oceanfront property! Contact a local structural engineer to help with building upkeep and assess/restore any structural damages that do come up.

Even though this maintenance is crucial, its very clear the perks of living by the ocean far outweigh the maintenance that is required!