40+ Year Recertification

40+ Year Building Recertifications

History and Included/Excluded Structures:  and he building safety inspection programs began due to building collapses. Miami-Dade County's program started in the mid-70's. Broward County's program became effective throughout the county in January 2006. Both county's call for structural and electrical safety inspections for buildings 40 years old or older and every ten years thereafter. One and two family dwellings, U.S Gov­ernment, State of Florida buildings, schools under the jurisdiction of the B.C. School Board, and build­ings built on Indian Reservations are exempt from this program. Miami-Dade County’s effort exempts other buildings under 2,000 square feet while the Broward program excludes all buildings under 3,500 square feet. Both Counties have had instances of structural building failures.



Purpose: The purpose of the required inspection and report is to confirm that the building or structure under consideration is safe for continued use under the current occupancy. This inspection determines the general structural condition of the building or any part which affects the safety of the building and/or which supports any dead or designed live load, and the general condition of its electrical systems pursuant to the Building Code.

General Procedures: The inspection entails visually assessing all accessible areas of the building with a focus on the exterior elements exposed to weather. A focus on walkways and balconies is often required as these are the elements that typically breakdown over time. Issues are noted in our field inspection reports. After the field work is completed, we then fill out the pre-written forms required for each county. The reports are then signed and delivered to the building owner. The owner is then required to submit the report to the authority having jurisdiction.

Elements that are to be inspected:

  • Concrete elements such as balcony slabs, columns and beams
  • Masonry elements such as walls
  • Wood elements such as trusses, columns and beams
  • Steel elements such as stairs, beams and columns
  • Aluminum elements such as screen enclosures
  • Windows, doors and shutters
  • Any other structural elements that support the building

If the building passes the inspection then our reports are submitted and should be approved by the authority having jurisdiction. Once approved by the AHJ, no other action is needed from the building for 10 years until the building requires recertification again.

If the building does not pass the inspection, then our report will note this. The building now has to perform repairs to the building to get it into compliance.

If the Building Did not Pass:  If your building did not pass the Recertification inspection, the UPE can assist with getting your building back into a proper condition to pass the inspection. UPE's extensive structural engineering, spec writing and construction administration experience as prepared us to guide you through every step of the process from doing a formal condition assessment to bidding to construction oversight. We are qualified to assess structural damage, assess building envelope issues, create repair protocols, write repair specs, assist with bidding your project to contractors and perform construction phase services such as special inspections and construction administration.


Update (December 2021)

Champlain Towers South

It should be noted that the collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside will very likely cause change to the current building recertification programs. Numerous task forces have already met and made their recommendations. All have recommended that the initial recertification inspection age should be reduced. We have seen 30 years all the way down to 5 years of age for the initial inspection. So, building owners in Broward and Miami-Dade County should expect to see changes coming soon. And, it is likely that this inspection will be required in other counties throughout Florida. It may even become a state requirement.

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They were very professional looking carefully at all the details. The inspection report was clear and precise as well they suggested to make some minor repairs needed. I highly recommend them.

This was a very good experience. There was great communication, work was done on time and professionally handled. couldn't have asked for better. Thank you for all your hard work on this project.

Mr. Giglio with UPE was very professional and explained everything expected of me before coming out to my house. He arrived right on time and was very thorough with his inspection. He was also very willing to discuss the issue with the necessary people to solve the problem that I was having. 

I had a client that had some settling on a retaining wall. They called me from the site to make sure that we were on the same page. I had a report shortly after in the mail. They followed up with a call and some more advice on how to proceed with the repair. Very pleasant process