Structural Engineering

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

UPE provided Structural Engineer of Record Services for this 70,000+ square feet church in Miami, Florida.

Designer of Record and Structural Engineering

Tyndal Air Force Base - Communications Facility

UPE served as Designer of Record and Structural Engineer for a new communication facility at Tyndall AFB.

Structural Engineering

Titan Florida - Alternative Fuel Processing Plant

UPE served as Designer of Record for this new Group H3 facility which consisted of a 32,000 square feet building which housed and processed refuse which is then converted to fuel to be used to fire the cement plant kiln. Included is a special 60-foot tall structure that stores the refuse derived fuel. Included conveyor structures which transport the refuse derived fuel to the plant. Included grading plans for the site. Included Code Review and Life Safety Plans. UPE provided comprehensive Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering  and Building Design Services.

Structural Engineering

Custom Ocean-Front Residence

UPE served as the Structural Engineer of Record for this custom 7,000 SF home in Vero Beach, FL.  The project included the complete structural design; East of CCCL. deep foundations, frangible walls, pre-cast plank, masonry wall and wood trusses.

Structural Engineering

Point Chosen Steel Bridge Rehabilitation and Recoating

UPE and WGI, Inc. in conjunction with Palm Beach County Road and Bridge, observed, cataloged, and assessed the existing condition of the bridge members.  We also provided structural analysis and load rating, structural condition assessment reports, engineers’ opinion of probable construction cost and coordinate meetings and presentations.

Structural Engineering

Juno Beach Pier Assessment

UPE and WGI, Inc. provided structural engineering services for the evaluation of pier.  The evaluation consisted of an observation of approximately 990 feet of the existing pier and preparation of a condition assessment report.  Services consisted of a visual assessment of the accessible components of the pier consisting of the piling, pile caps, concrete beams, wood decking, and railings with a report documenting the observed condition.  Assessment of the pier house was limited to the piling, pile cap, beams decking and railing.

Structural Engineering

North County Aquatic Complex Diving Board

UPE and WGI, Inc. performed a site visit to observe the condition of the concrete foundations using nondestructive testing of the three diving boards at the North County Aquatic Complex. The assessment provided a documentation of the it’s condition and recommendations for repair, rehabilitation, or replacement. An engineer's opinion of probable construction was also provided with the report.

Structural Engineering Assessment

Palm Beach County Building Parking Garage Breeze Way Bridge

UPE and WGI, Inc. provided structural engineering services for the evaluation and production of repair construction documents of the Parking Garage Breezeways. The evaluation consisted of a visual assessment of the accessible areas of the breezeways.  After the assessment was completed, a set of construction documents illustrating and describing the repairs was created.

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They were very professional looking carefully at all the details. The inspection report was clear and precise as well they suggested to make some minor repairs needed. I highly recommend them.

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Mr. Giglio with UPE was very professional and explained everything expected of me before coming out to my house. He arrived right on time and was very thorough with his inspection. He was also very willing to discuss the issue with the necessary people to solve the problem that I was having. 

I had a client that had some settling on a retaining wall. They called me from the site to make sure that we were on the same page. I had a report shortly after in the mail. They followed up with a call and some more advice on how to proceed with the repair. Very pleasant process

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