Building Envelope upkeep & Restoration
Building Envelope upkeep & Restoration
Structural Restoration

Over the course of time, a building may experience wear & tear, moisture intrusion, fire, insect activity, or even differential foundation settlement. All of these factors threaten the longevity of your building. In order to protect your investment, ongoing maintenance and upkeep is crucial. UPE offers advice and services ranging from evaluation, maintenance, and restoration of steel, wood, and aluminum structures that suit your needs.

  • Damage Investigation
  • Structural Adequacy Assessment
  • Repair Specifications
  • Rehabilitation Design
  • Historical Rehabilitation Design
  • Foundation Studies
  • Building Envelope upkeep & Restoration
    Concrete Restoration

    UPE has worked to preserve and restore concrete structures for 20 years. Our experience has made us a prime resource within the industry. Our firm performs an investigation of the problem areas to provide a diagnosis and create effective solutions based on our background in Structural Design. Working with contractors, property managers, and owners, we are able to offer options to our clients to provide the highest quality engineering services.

  • Concrete Beam Repairs
  • Concrete Column Repairs
  • Conventionally Reinforced Concrete Slab Repairs
  • Post-tensioned Concrete Slab Repairs
  • Stucco Repairs
  • Masonry Repairs

  • Common Structures:

  • Conventionally Reinforced
  • Post-Tensioned
  • Precast/Pre-stressed
  • Parking Structures
  • Plaza Decks
  • Residential Structures
  • Building Envelope upkeep & Restoration
    Structural Strengthening

    UPE consists of experienced Structural Engineers who work to provide designs and cost effective solutions for Concrete, Masonry, Steel, and Wooden Structures. It is sometimes necessary to add, or restore, structural capacity to these buildings as they deteriorate over time. Whether this is due to use changes, code changes, errors in design ,or construction UPE has a diverse range of expertise to provide effective solutions.

  • Additional Pre-stress
  • Cracked or Broken Sections
  • Excessive deformations
  • Lateral Thrust
  • Structural Stiffening
  • Building Envelope upkeep & Restoration
    Post Tension Repairs

    In place of rebar, some concrete structures utilize steel cables under extreme tension to support the structure. Often referred to as “PT,” Post Tensioning systems are typically used in concrete slabs that occupy large spans such as high-rise buildings and parking structures. When these cables are compromised, they may fail in catastrophic fashion. UPE possesses the personnel to assess PT deficiencies and design for methods of repair. Our systematic approach and advanced testing methods, such as GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), allows us to gather information on the condition and level of deterioration. From there, we can help to make recommendations to extend the service life of your PT systems.

    Building Envelope upkeep & Restoration
    Waterproofing & Painting Specs

    Waterproofing can add value to buildings for owners and tenants. These key improvements can greatly impact the lifespan and usability of the facilities while protecting the underlying structure from the elements. UPE engineers have a vast knowledge of the different applications and properties of waterproofing products.

  • Pool Deck Waterproofing
  • Plaza Deck Waterproofing
  • HorizontalUrethane Waterproofing
  • Horizontal Cementitious Waterproofing
  • Vertical Waterproofing
  • Expansion/ Control Joints

  • Although a touch of paint can go a long way to improve the aesthetics of a building, it also serves a greater purpose. Wind driven rain is a cause for much of the deterioration seen in buildings across South Florida. Choosing the right paint and application can help to defend structural components within your building. The team at UPE possesses the product knowledge to guide you through this process.

  • Hi-Build
  • Building Envelope upkeep & Restoration
    Moisture Intrusion Investigations

    Moisture that gets caught within a building envelope can cause detrimental effects to the underlying structure. Trapped moisture can lead to wood decay, rusted steel, foundation undermining, and more. This typically occurs after moisture enters the building through leaks, flooding, wind driven rain, and failures in plumbing that cannot escape. UPE has been a reliable resource in determining the extent of damage throughout a structure by inspection. With the use of thermal imaging, our licensed engineers can determine problem areas before they become major issues.

    Building Envelope upkeep & Restoration
    40 Year Re-Certifications

    When your building has reached its 40-Year milestone, some counties may require a 40 Year Recertification. This is done to ensure that the building is safe and minimize structural, or building, failures. Because of this, the inspections must be done by or under the supervision of a qualified, Professional Engineer or Architect. At UPE, our intensive structural background has prepared us to guide you through every step of the process from bidding to construction oversight. We are qualified to perform site visits, prepare reports, create construction specifications, and recommend repairs. The recertification is then enforced every subsequent 10 years.